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The Racine Urban Garden Network is a network of community gardens across the city of Racine, Wisconsin.

In 2009 a group of concerned citizens in Racine began meeting with the vision of creating an urban garden. The group hoped to build urban community cohesion and improve food security, nutrition and sustainable food resources within Racine.

Around 75 people attended the first meeting, which provided the spark for the creation of the Racine Urban Garden Network (RUGN).

In 2010 we created our first garden, Marquette Street Garden. We built the garden on a vacant lot located at 734 Marquette Street on the West side of downtown. In the first year 25 people utilized community garden plots.

Since the initial creation or the Marquette Street Garden our network has grown to over 10 garden sites with over 300 garden plots!

RUGN's garden projects have blossomed through the hands and hard work of dedicated Racine volunteers. We thank our board members, committees, and community volunteers for making our existence possible. If you would like to help, please send us an email!

Who We Are

RUGN is run by a volunteer group of local board members.

Board members listed from top left down:

  • Sara Wroblewski

    RUGN Secretary

  • Donna Delmar

    RUGN President

  • Chris Flynn

    RUGN Founder and Past President

  • Veronica Leipold

    RUGN Educational Programs

  • Cindy Sellers

    RUGN Vice President and Treasurer

  • Rachel Trobaugh

    RUGN Grounds Manager

  • Cindy Fawcett

    RUGN Public Relations

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